Monday, 6 March 2017


Sinn Fein say they will not be drawn on speculation that Martin McGuinness is seriously ill as news of the former MLAs health is a "private matter."

Martin McGuinness, aged 66, resigned as Deputy First Minister in January 2017 and opted not to stand in the March elections due to health concerns.

Northern news outlet, the Irish Times, were widely criticised for publishing an article outlining apparent details about Martin McGuinness's illness.

Tributes were widespread after the Republican leader announced his retirement from politics. His key involvement in the peace process a huge point of praise.

Public interest continues as rumours emerge suggesting he has been in hospital for the last two weeks suffering side-effects caused by treatment for a rare health condition.


Data from the first batch of results from a new pilot study examining youth attitudes towards emigration in Derry have revealed "frightening" results.

Lack of employment opportunities accounts for the overwhelming reason why young people want to leave Derry.

124 young people of varying backgrounds from right across the city took part and an overwhelming 95% don't see themselves staying in Derry long term.

The study will now move into schools, colleges, training and youth organisations to help map the employment, study and social needs of local young people.

Youth worker and Independent Cllr Darren O'Reilly described the study as a way to get a better understanding of how many young people are leaving and why they would like to leave.

Community worker Kat Healy said the reason for doing the research was because mass youth migration was "a phenomenon in discussions we were having with young people from right across the region."


Vandals smashed over a dozen windows at the offices of a support group which provides vital services for hundreds of republican ex-POWs in the Moor over the weekend.

Sinn Fein representatives have condemned the attack on Tar Abhaile

Repairing the damage at the Tar Abhaile office could be substantial, costing hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, as the glass windows need to be replaced.

The incident in West End Park was condemned by Sinn Fein representatives, Sean McMonagle who works with Tar Abhaile, and The Moor district Councillor Colly Kelly.

Sean McMonagle described the vandals as "idiots, criminals and hoods" and questioned whether the attack may have been deliberately timed following Thursday's election.

The police are appealing for information and encourage people to call 101 quoting the reference number 741, or to contact Crimestroppers anonymously by telephoning 0800 555 111.